High-Rise (2015)

High Rise

It’s not a thriller, as advertised. It’s actually a really violent and bizarre satire of capitalism, in which the “society” of tenants in a high-rise apartment building falls apart during a series of power outages.

I’ve never read the book it’s based on but, strangely enough, High-Rise reminded me of both Monty Python and A Clockwork Orange (1971). (It’s also very reminiscent of Fernando Meirelles’  Blindness [2008].) It was cynical and disorienting, with lots of sex and gory violence. There are no likable characters to be found and a couple of dogs are killed for, I believe, extremely dark humor. I’ll admit that I did chuckle at some of the sharp dialogue but overall, the movie was kind of a chore to get through. (And I disagree with this particularly bleak take on humanity “under pressure…” even though many artists seem to insist that it’s authentic!)

Anyway, I should really give High-Rise two leafs because I didn’t like it much… but some sick part of me did appreciate the fact that it was so unique and anti-establishment. High-Rise is only for the more adventurous and/or subversive viewers among us.

Three pot leafs out of five:
Pot Leaf Pot Leaf Pot Leaf

High-Rise (2015)

5 thoughts on “High-Rise (2015)

    1. Well-said — and thanks for your comment, Cinemuse! I just read and enjoyed your review. Can you recommend any other specifically “dystopian capitalism” films? I’ve never seen The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeois, but I suspect that it may fit the genre…?

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      1. Thanks for mentioning The Discreet Charm etc; I found a French speaking version that has me intrigued. Even without the words the settings speak volumes. Films like 99 Homes, Money Monster, The Big Short etc are all based on dystopian capitalism themes.

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